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The Value of Automated Deduction

by Robert L. Constable

Unpublished manuscript

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This note looks at the intrinsic value of the subject of Automated Deduction (AD) and considers the state of the field--its accomplishments, promise and problems. I argue that the subject is profound, one of the most promising of the new sciences of the closing century. The field is healthy with first rate scholarly outlets and professional organizations. The existing applications are paying off in the expected time frame of 17 to 25 years from initial attempts and new areas are opening with equal promise; these will keep the field vital while new basic science continues to deepen it. I think that these are the facts, and they are encouraging.

I also claim that the time has come to build more open AD systems that can cooperate with each other. Such open systems will significantly increase the scope and impact of our work, and they will improve the methodology of the field and help energize it.

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