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Byzantine Chain Replication

by Robbert van Renesse, Chi Ho, Nicolas Schiper


We present a new class of Byzantine-tolerant State Machine Replication protocols for asynchronous environments that we term Byzantine Chain Replication. We demonstrate two implementations that present different trade-off s between performance and security, and compare these with related work. Leveraging an external reconfiguration service, these protocols are not based on Byzantine consensus, do not require majority-based quorums during normal operation, and the set of replicas is easy to recon figure.

One of the implementations is instantiated with t + 1 replicas to tolerate t failures and is useful in situations where perimeter security makes malicious attacks unlikely. Applied to in-memory BerkeleyDB replication, it supports 20,000 transactions per second while a fully Byzantine implementation supports 12,000 transactions per second—about 70% of the throughput of a non-replicated database.

bibTex ref: RHS12

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