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ShadowDB: A Replicated Database on a Synthesized Consensus Core

by Nicolas Schiper, Vincent Rahli, Robbert van Renesse, Mark Bickford, Robert L. Constable

This paper describes ShadowDB, a replicated version of the BerkeleyDB database. ShadowDB is a primarybackup based replication protocol where failure handling, the critical part of the protocol, is taken care of by a synthesized consensus service that is correct by construction. The service has been proven correct semiautomatically by the Nuprl proof assistant. We describe the design and process to prove the consensus protocol correct and present the database replication protocol. The performance of ShadowDB is good in the normal case and recovering from a failure only takes seconds. Our approach offers simplified means to diversify the code in a way that preserves correctness.

bibTex ref: SRVBC12

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