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PRL Project

Introduction to EventML, version 0.2

Mark Bickford, Robert L. Constable, Richard Eaton,
David Guaspari, and Vincent Rahli

March 2, 2012

EventML is a functional programming language in the ML family, closely related to Classic ML. It is also a language for coding distributed protocols (such as Paxos Ren11]) using high level combinators from the Logic of Events (or Event Logic), hence the name “EventML”. more about specifications »

EventML was also created to work in cooperation with an interactive theorem prover and to be a key component of a Logical Programming Environment (LPE). more about theorem prover interface »

This tutorial also includes multiple example protocols, including:

To download EventML and for additional documentation see: http://www.nuprl.org/software

About this document
This is a web projection of An Introduction to Event ML [PDF] created Feb. 2012 using tex4ht.

EventML docks with Nuprl