This file contains instructions on how to install our Nuprl Virtual Machines

More information can be found in our FAQ. If something's unclear, the links below will take you to the FAQ.

You will need either VirtualBox or VMWare.
In VirtualBox use import appliance(c-I).
In VMWare Player open a virtual machine and browse to desired ova file.
VMWare will complain about specification performance or virtual hardware compliance checks.
Click retry and it will load.

nuprl user password nuprl2015
root Password nuprl2015
VNC Password nuprlvnc

Prior to starting VM you can modify settings to change Memory and CPU
allocations. We recommend minimum of 4GB memory and 2 cores of CPU.
If available 8GB of memory is better.

Start vm
On guest console login as nuprl and
bash> vnc2 nuprl

If using VMWare you need to do the following extra steps:

In VM guest console login as root (passwd = nuprl2015):

Need to find Mac address VMWare gave NIC:

grep eth1 /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules
MAC Address follows ATTR{address} and looks like 00:0c:29:55:b4:c6

cd /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts
sed 's/2/1/' ifcfg-eth2 > ifcfg-eth1
echo "HWADDR=00:0c:29:55:b4:c6" >> ifcfg-eth1

Then "ifup eth1" should work. If not repeat ALL
steps and ensure you enter correct MAC address.
"ifconfig eth1" output will contain an "inet addr:" attribute.
That will be the ip-addr of your VM. Note yours may differ in the last two numbers.

Then you can "ssh -L 5911:localhost:5901 nuprl@" from host machine to VM
and follow instructions as per VirtualBox.
Note you do not need -p 2222 argument and use (or similar)
ip-addr in-place of
Exit root account

END VMWare extra steps

Then on host:
ssh -p 2222 -L 5911:localhost:5901 nuprl@
use nuprl password when prompted

vncviewer localhost:11
use vnc password when prompted.

Starting nuprl processes in VM.

In vnc desktop (in an xterm):

emacsb nudb
       after * prompt (see sbcl/emacs ), at end of *inferior-lisp* buffer, eval
       (in case you don't get a prompt, due to SBCL messages obscuring it, to
       refresh the prompt evalute 1 for example at the end of the buffer,
       i.e., type 1 and then press <enter>):
       (file-db-run 8888)

emacsb nulib
       after ML[(ORB)]> prompt, at end of *inferior-lisp* buffer eval
Wait for lib to start (30-60 min)

emacsb nuref
       after ML[(ORB)]> prompt, at end of *inferior-lisp* buffer eval
Wait for ref to start (30-60 min)

emacsb nuedd
       after ML[(ORB)]> prompt, at end of *inferior-lisp* buffer eval
       go.<enter> and wait for edd to start (10-15 min)

If saving VM state you should exit vncviewer and quit SSH connection.
Then on restart reconnect SSH and restart vncviewer.