Nuprl Definition : free-dl-meet

free-dl-meet(as;bs) ==
  accumulate (with value cs and list item a):
   cs map(λb.(a b);bs)
  over list:
  with starting value:

Definitions occuring in Statement :  map: map(f;as) append: as bs list_accum: list_accum nil: [] lambda: λx.A[x]
Definitions occuring in definition :  list_accum: list_accum map: map(f;as) lambda: λx.A[x] append: as bs nil: []
FDL editor aliases :  free-dl-meet

free-dl-meet(as;bs)  ==
    accumulate  (with  value  cs  and  list  item  a):
      cs  @  map(\mlambda{}b.(a  @  b);bs)
    over  list:
    with  starting  value:

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Theory : lattices

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